def: self

So that’s a little pseudo-code-humour-way of writing Define Yourself, because I got to thinking. Watching the Summer Games Done Quick 2019, I experienced garbitheglitcheress, a speedrunner with the following twitter description:“Valerie 🛡️ | romhacks and other obscure games mainly |… Continue Reading →

Marketing and gamers don’t get along

This trailer has gotten a lot of people up in arms over how bad it is. Especially how it ridicules an aspect that is prevalent in their target demographic with the reference to the stereotype that nerds are lonely losers… Continue Reading →

Why The Division failed where Hearthstone succeeded

Recently there were updates for two games released. The first one out the gate was Incursion for The Division, followed by The Whispers of the Old Gods for Hearthstone. I basically played The Division as a single-player game, going through… Continue Reading →

Why nobody wants the D

I did not watch the 50th edition of the Super Bowl, but all the media that I consume around it tells me that people were disappointed in the lack of action. People were hoping for more action and offense from… Continue Reading →

The disappointment of success

You set your goal, work hard to prepare and launch towards it, eventually you pass the finish line. You did it, you worked hard enough to achieve what you set out to do. You conquered the challenge. Now what? You… Continue Reading →

Killing a hobby

“Do what you love and the money will follow” “Have three hobbies. One for money, one for physical health, and one for creativity.” “If you find your favorite hobby, turn it into a job and then you will never work… Continue Reading →

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