Review: Stranger Things

In a world where people grew up watching Steven Spielberg-movies as a kid, and playing video games as teens, and then got into making movies as young adults… is actually where we live. Stranger Things is a love-child of E.T.,… Continue Reading →

Review: Daredevil

Daredevil is a series set in New York of the MCU, Marvel Cinematic Universe, that follows the early days of blind, and other-senses-wise super-powered, Matt Murdock, played by Charlie Cox, as he dawns the attire of the masked vigilante the… Continue Reading →

Review: Bojack Horseman

Bojack Horseman is an animated show in a world that is inhabited by both humans and anthropomorphic animals , starring Will Arnett as the voice of the titular character, that follows the adventures of former TV-star of the famous show… Continue Reading →

Review: F is for Family

F is for Family is an animated show on Netflix that follows the lives of the Murphy family. The main character is the father, Frank, voiced by the creator, Bill Burr. The show takes place in the 70s and displays… Continue Reading →


I had a project thrown my way at work and it used AngularJS, a framework I had never used before. I¬†first tried to understand it myself by just looking at it, but I couldn’t get my head around how and… Continue Reading →

Is the viral fake?

These day it’s all about viral; spreading content like a virus. It’s what marketing departments want, but no one can create; there is no formula¬†that means anything will go viral. Sure, you can buy hits, clicks, and views, but even… Continue Reading →

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