Spec Ops: The Line is a First Person Shooter released in 2012 that’s gotten some attention because it supposedly takes a stab at many of the tropes that are seen in todays FPS games.

I just keep trying to get my headshot-bonus

Spoiler alert, but one of the earliest things that happen is that the enemies are switched from the local arabic people to other American soldiers. I’m not sure if that was their intention, but since the game tells me to do so I just start viewing them as enemies. I have no qualms about killing other Americans, but that might be because I am not one, so for me there’s a disconnect straight out from the start. But the game gives me no other options, there’s no mechanic to just shoot to incapacitate your enemies. And they are doing their best to kill you, so I just keep trying to get my headshot-bonus without thinking more about it.

That is until I quit playing the game and started thinking about this little thing. How easy was it for me to switch targets? And how much of my analyzing is because I’ve heard about what the game is trying to do before playing it?