Blog posts are journal-like entries. Articles that do not cover a particular topic, but are focused more on the ego and the life it lives.

Skills seem secondary

Over recent years I’ve added a few new skills to my list of things that I do, and I’ve tried to get somewhere with some of them. Like with most things, when you want to charge for performing a service,… Continue Reading →

def: self

So that’s a little pseudo-code-humour-way of writing Define Yourself, because I got to thinking. Watching the Summer Games Done Quick 2019, I experienced garbitheglitcheress, a speedrunner with the following twitter description:“Valerie 🛡️ | romhacks and other obscure games mainly |… Continue Reading →

Spoilers aren’t ruining your movies

Sure, one wants to go in as clean as possible, so that the story can surprise and you won’t see that twist coming. But unless the whole story is dependent on that particular event, like if you found out who… Continue Reading →

Even content is non-content these days

As a fan of the MCU, Marvel Cinematic Universe, I’ve clicked quite a few links involving content about it over the years. It’s been links in the general area of comics as well, but the MCU is pretty prevalent in… Continue Reading →

BS3 2019

So I was watching some videos from E3 2019, which I actually didn’t even know was going on at the moment, so that’s how out-of-the-loop I am, and I ran across this. In the middle of the show they had… Continue Reading →

Thanos, lost in translation

First of all… Please be aware that this post contains major spoilers for the movie Avengers: Infinity War In the culmination of 10 years of the MCU, Marvel Cinematic Universe, almost all of the characters that have been introduced end… Continue Reading →

This little game I found: Monument Valley 2

Monument Valley was released several years ago and was a great experience. The game is actually so fantastic that it was used as a plot device in the Netflix show House of Cards. And now there’s a sequel. It follows… Continue Reading →

Remembering Chester Bennington

The first time I encountered Linkin Park was a Monday night. I remember that because it was during Headbangers Ball, a two hour segment that aired on MTV the night between Monday and Tuesday, that played hard rock, metal and… Continue Reading →

Avengers: Infinity War won’t be The Infinity War

By now we’ve all learned that even if the DCEU, DC Extended Universe, and MCU, Marvel Cinematic Universe, borrow heavily from its source material, the stories, events, characters and plots are only inspired by the comics, but not entirely true-to-source…. Continue Reading →

This little game I found: Mini Metro

Mini Metro is a game I’ve actually been waiting for to be released on mobile devices. It’s a minimalistic puzzle game where you create tracks for trains and subways to carry passengers from where they are to where they want… Continue Reading →

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