My name is Mike, and my brain doesn’t work.

It does, but from what I’ve found it doesn’t work the same way as many others. From what my analytical friends and me can gather I should be located on the autistic spectrum, somewhere between “functioning” and “highly functioning” aspergers. And according to trained professionals in my youth I do not have autism, because, as Sheldon would say, “My mother had me tested”.

My mother had me tested

One of the ways this manifests itself is by how disconnected I find myself to be from what would generally be considered the way the world works and what social rules and regulations I live under.

What it grants me is a skewed way to look at the world, where I masquerade as a functional part of my society while almost constantly feeling like I’m not really comfortable. Please understand that I truly love my wife; family and friends, and I socialize as much as I can muster, but somewhere in the back of my mind it doesn’t really feel like it’s me doing it, but a character I’ve developed and I’m just along for the ride. This feeling can be more or less prevalent depending on my general mood, so it might just be that I live in up north and need more Vitamin D during the winter months.

But I say that it “grants” me this perspective, because I get to analyze my world in a way most people in my surrounding don’t seem to. And from this I usually create small projects and experiments to test myself and the world I live in. Previously I haven’t had a place to gather all these things, so they usually stay in their own little bubble. But I thought that this site may be a way to gather them all and perhaps write down some thoughts while the experiments are taking place, instead of just keeping them in my head.

So the plan anyway is to evolve this place into a whole site that collects all the stuff I don’t have place for anywhere else. We’ll see what actually happens, I guess.