F is for Family is an animated show on Netflix that follows the lives of the Murphy family. The main character is the father, Frank, voiced by the creator, Bill Burr. The show takes place in the 70s and displays the hardships of a upper-lower-middle class family in the suburbs where a temperamental head of the family, that works hard at a job he doesn’t like to supply for his family.

I’m gonna put you through that fucking wall!

While dealing with the big and small obstacles of everyday life, like a underachieving pot-head for a son, the amalgamation of father-figures those that grew up before the 1990s can recognize is the main focal-point. Using saying, mannerism, satire and parodies of everything that came with a hard-working father in the 70s you get a funny show that should touches home with anyone over the age of 30. And anyone under 30 will just find the absurdity and humor funny.

The first season contains six episodes and is available for binging on Netflix right now

Bill Burr, the show creator and voice of the main character, is a stand-up comedian that’s dabbled in acting here and there, including a recurring character on Breaking Bad. The show was “in production” for many years before it came to be and the animators were hired. He talked about the production and the show on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast a few weeks ago, if you’re interested in the process.