As a fan of the MCU, Marvel Cinematic Universe, I’ve clicked quite a few links involving content about it over the years. It’s been links in the general area of comics as well, but the MCU is pretty prevalent in that sphere these days. What this has led to is my recommendations being, actually, fairly accurate, it’s stuff I should be interested in. But the MCU has brought with it something else: speculation.

Be it articles on established, legitimate websites (unlike this one), or videos from recognised channels on YouTube, they’re filled with speculations, theories, supposed leaks, deductions, deconstructions, and disseminations on just about anything. And I’m guessing it’s an attempt to include social media and prompt engagement, but I’m seeing a trend of including, referencing, and even sourcing posts on reddit.

My problem with it is that it doesn’t mean anything, because the source is not the creator of the work being analysed. What value does a random fan-theory on reddit about what a certain scene in a movie trailer have?

I can understand that a constant stream of content is vital to the survival of certain actors on the internet. If you’re not producing content, no matter the quality, there’s no chance to generate revenue from ads or other means, so you need to put stuff out there on a regular basis.

Content for the sake of content, not substance. Besides, if the video you produced, or article your wrote, turns out to be wrong you can make another one addressing that. And then another one addressing what turned out to be the actual case.

It’s clickbait.