Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is another great game in the Deus Ex series, but it is far from perfect. The PC version suffers from some bugs and being a port from a console game in general, but nothing that really breaks the game.

However, the issue I have with it is the same across all platforms.

The ending is really weird and unfulfilling. I commend the game for not requiring you to battle your way through it. In fact, it seems to encourage you to go through it using social skills, stealth, and subterfuge rather than combat. Except for the final boss, which can be beaten in a non-lethal manner, but it still requires you to engage. But before that you’re given a choice between going to the battle, or to warn people. Both choices have negative outcomes in some manner, but if you’re fast enough you can do both.

So I started with the battle, and then rushed to warn people. And that ended really abruptly. There was a tiny cut-scene, without any real urgency, and then the game was over after some dialogue with another character.

Before the credits you get to watch a news broadcast that basically goes through the consequences of your actions throughout the game.

And that’s it. There are a lot of threads left to unravel, there’s no real conclusion to the story, and you’re left with a sense of the ending being rushed together to meet a deadline. But looking at what developers have said, journalists have investigated, the practices of the publisher, and the marketing campaign for the actual game, you can see that there’s most likely something else going on.

This game is not unfinished, it is cut up. And the unfinished parts are to be sold to you at a later date, either as DLC or a sequel.

It’s not the first time we’re faced with a game where the overarching story is left unfinished after a game concludes. Mass Effect for instance is cut into three parts, but each game has a definitive, climactic ending.

I had a great time with Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, and I’m most likely going to purchase the next game as well (although I won’t pre-order. Never pre-order, kids). But a great adventure need a great ending to feel like a complete, satisfactory experience. And in that aspect, it has failed.