Bojack Horseman is an animated show in a world that is inhabited by both humans and anthropomorphic animals , starring Will Arnett as the voice of the titular character, that follows the adventures of former TV-star of the famous show Horsin’ Around as he deals with the fact that he’s become washed up and irrelevant. Fueled by self-loathing, alcohol and a mixture of drugs he sets out to reclaim the spotlight with a comeback. To help him he’s put together with a ghost-writer to help him put together his memoirs, as he drags his manager, room mate, and rival along on his egocentric ride of destruction.

While it might seem like simple-minded show, the drama, emotions, conflicts and everyday-life for all involved is compelling and should appeal to anyone that likes character-dramas. The idiotic hijinks, satirical and parodical views on media, stardom, and corporate politics, and simply stupid jokes (such as my personal favorite: Neal McBeal the Navy SEAL that is a seal that’s in the navy), become supporting characters to the interaction between the main characters as they deal with each others personalities and demons.

The first two seasons of Bojack Horseman, consisting of twelve episodes per season, is available for streaming right now on Netflix