I just finished the single-player campaign in Blood Bowl 2, the video game adaptation of Blood Bowl that’s basically American football in the Warhammer Fantasy universe. So it’s humans, orcs, dwarves and elves playing a more violent version of the american pass-time.

Blood Bowl

The original board game of Blood Bowl

It’s based on an old board game from Games Workshop, the company behind the Warhammer games, which I used to play many years ago. Playing the game actually made me quite nostalgic about the miniatures an dices from back in the day and I felt it would be fun to find the physical edition, paint some figures and play some games.

But then I remembered why I played the single-player campaign in Blood Bowl 2. If I can’t find friends to play a league of the video game where a game take about an hour to play, or even friends that would get the game at all, how am I supposed to find friends to play the board game where the ease of a digital rule and scorekeeper isn’t available and a game take somewhere between two and four hours?

While I could see myself enjoying the collecting and painting by itself, we’re back to the fact that there’s no end-goal with the endeavour and so I find the whole exercise pointless.

Perhaps nostalgia is supposed to be just that, nostalgia, and I should be happy with just having the digital simulation of a time long gone  just a click away.